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From digital marketing strategy to web design and development, we work together every step of the way to produce incredible results. And you don’t have to take our word for it—we’re all about measurement and making sure we deliver what we promise.

Meet Our Team

Bert Jenkins
Project Manager
Ashley Ator
Senior Project Manager
Mary Richards
Director, Project Management
Lauren Foust
Senior Paid Digital Media Specialist
Joel Sherman
Marketing Copy Editor
Stephen Cozart
Senior Software Engineer
Brett Lohmeyer
Director, Analytics and Decision Science
Joel Post
Jenny Bristow
Chief Treat Inspector
Cary Zelle
Director, Customer Acquisition
Keith Slater
Director, Technology
Jeremy Leber
Web Analyst
Jon Schwab
Data Architect
Abby Davis
Senior Account Manager
Jason Lawson
Director, UX + Design
Joe Moglia
Software Engineer
Colette Kolar
Senior UX Designer
Suzanne Wagner
Senior Digital Campaign Manager
Elise Connors
Senior Digital Campaign Manager
Jessica Propst
Web Analyst
Kyle McCarthy
Software Engineer

Team Members Not Pictured:

Janet Loftus Administrative Assistant
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